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Countywide median COVID-19 cases <1.0 per 1,000 age 5-9

King County has provided the COVID-19 data by 5-year age bands as requested. Here is a snapshot which shows denser populations have higher prevalence.

Bellevue (zip coded 98004-98008) school age children with positive tests:

age 5-9 = 11 cases, age 10-14 = 9 cases, age 15-19 = 25 cases.

Issaquah-South Sammamish (zip codes 98027, 98029, 98075) with positive tests:

age 5-9 = 2 cases, age 10-14 = 4 cases, age 15-19 = 11 cases.

Please see the link below snapshot of Bellevue & Issaquah zip codes for the complete King County data set. This is cumulative data from February through July. We have asked to be able to track it for new cases after September 1.

Understanding that in our communities the transmission levels are very low for school age children, currently means that the overall risk of transmission in our schools would be very low, and almost non-existent in our elementary students. With appropriate risk mitigation strategies, we can safely reopen our elementary schools in-person and should be having conversations about cohorting in the middle school grades, if that translates to more in-person learning. Planning for high schools will continue to be tricky given the hundreds of options we have provided for our students in our comprehensive high schools, which would likely make cohorting untolerable.

COVID cases_by_zip_under20 - WITH GRID 7
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