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My Proposal for Phased Re-Opening of Our Schools

On April 10, 2020, I sent a letter to state Superintendent Chris Reykdal and Governor Inslee asking for them to consider re-opening our schools in a phased approach that served our highest-need students first and prioritized our students for whom effective distance learning is not easily accomplished. I received a nice reply from Superintendent Reykdal, but no response from the Governor's office. Despite passing the peak of infections on April 1, apparently the Governor had no intention of re-opening K-12 schools, so any dialogue about what that might look like was not something that was important enough to talk about.

This spring and early summer have been a missed opportunity for us to provide educational opportunities to our students who needed it most, as well as to implement and refine practices for screening of students and staff prior to entering our buildings, hand hygiene practices, and developmentally-appropriate distancing guidelines. See a screenshot of the summary proposal, as well as the entire letter if you are interested.

Please leave comments and suggestions for how we can safely re-open our schools.

Letter to Inslee & Reykdal
Download DOCX • 24KB

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