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WA Guidance released suggests our elementary schools should open!

Grateful that the Washington state guidance was released and is posted and linked below. The communities in the Issaquah School District are running at a case rate of 25-50 per 100,000 and decreasing. If you look at the guidance below, for our case rate: Recommend distance learning as described above (above = Strongly recommend distance learning with the option for limited inperson learning in small groups, or cohorts, of students for the highest need students, such as students with disabilities, students living homeless, those farthest from educational justice, and younger learners). In addition, consider expanding in person learning to elementary students.

So with the guidance provided by the state, it seems that opening for 100% remote learning for all students is not consistent with what the Governor, OSPI and DOH have outlined. We should be phasing in in-person learning for students that are preschool through grade 1 when the school year starts, then 21 days later as the data allows, we should phase in grades 2-3 as well as ELL and SPED as desired by families.

Public Health Seattle & King County COVID-19 Data:

Decision Tree for Provision of in Person Learning:

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